About us

“Arrigus Piperno hic salute promittit et hospitiu cum prandio. Qui venerit melle usuetur. Post hospes ubi maneas prospera.”
Here Arrigo Piperno promises to make you feel good, to give you a bed and food. Those who come will be treated with honey. And after, dear guest, wherever you go, you will be well. At the Eremo delle Grazie the guests are welcomed with a promise: that whoever knocks at the door will be treated "with honey", will find peace and good food, and, thus fortified, will be able to continue on their journey.
This is the promise made by Arrigo Piperno in1918 when he bought the ancient building in order to create a refuge for the minds and the senses of his friends. His nephew Pio Lalli and his great nieces Alessandra, Flaminia and Valeria, today have renewed that promise, making hospitality a tradition creating a link between the present and the past.
The Eremo is immersed in a centuries-old oak wood which cloaks the hill of Monteluco and looks out over Spoleto.
The enchantment begins with the winding road that leads out of the valley and up the hill. After a few kilometres a gravel road heads into the Sacred Woods: here time stops. After a few hundred timeless metres, we come across the ancient Hermitage of Santa Maria delle Grazie.